“Qalam Hebr for Creative Writing” held its new platform, “Poetic Qalam Hebr… On the Edge of the Moon”, at M7 Center, with the participation of Kuwaiti poet Muhammad Al-Roumi, pianist Hala Al-Emadi, artist Hashem Al-Yafei, artist Nesma Imad, and poet Fawaz Abdullah. The platform was in partnership with the Ministry of Culture, Music Affairs Center, and Qatar Center for Voluntary Activity.

The platform offered literary and artistic activities, in which poetry was mixed with classical music, amid interaction from the audience, which indicates the importance of such platforms in supporting young talents culturally and artistically, in addition to attracting audiences from different segments of society.

Ms. Buthaina Al-Janahi, CEO of Qalam Hebr for Creative Writing, commented: “Poetic Qalam Hebr… On the Edge of the Moon” managed to attract many poetic or artistic talents under one roof, which made this platform an important occasion for expressing different styles through poetry, song, and music.

She added: “We, in Qalam Hiber, have tried to highlight culture by attracting young talents, encouraging them to engage in this field of artistic expression, as well as enabling them to enhance their artistic talents in general”. She stressed the importance of institutional support for the continuation of such promising cultural platforms, with a view to attracting promising artistic and poetic talents in the State of Qatar, in cooperation with the relevant cultural, artistic and media institutions in the country.

Ms. Buthaina Al-Janahi expressed her hope that there will be more attention and support for such much-needed platforms. She emphasized the serious need among young people to renew the concept of culture to take on a contemporary shape, enabling these platforms to attract participants from all segments of society, especially young people, according to their appropriate performance and style, for them to express their styles in literary, artistic and cultural forms.

“Poetic Qalam Hebr… On the Edge of the Moon” platform contributes to enriching young literary and artistic talents, based on the concept of “literary salons”, through which eminent personalities are hosted to refine public taste, in order to enrich discussion and stimulate fair competition in the development of intellectual production and artistic empowerment. These salons also bring the pioneers in this field together under one roof in new premises to attract the largest audience possible, especially the youth.