Amid anticipation among contestants hoping to qualify for the event’s round of 24, the fifth stage of “Diwan Al-Adam” competition continued its fourth day yesterday.
Values, such as loyalty, justice and respect, dominated the poems recited during the events by poets who expressed their hope to pass this stage of the event, which is held under supervision of the Ministry of Culture and Sports and organized by Qatar Cultural And Heritage Events Center and Qatar Poetry Center “Diwan Al Arab”.

Poet Saeed bin Maree said that he submitted a poem on the value of “respect” and it appealed to the judging panel. He added that he hopes to qualify for the round of 24 of “Diwan Al-Adam” competition.
In his turn, poet Abdul Hadi Al-Hajri expressed his appreciation for the judges’ effective remarks during round 50, whereas, poet Mohamed Al-Majdour expressed satisfaction with his performance in round 50 and hoped he would be one of the poets qualified for the round of 24. Poet Mohammed Al-Khayareen also expressed his hopes to qualify for the round of 24, after reciting his poem before the judging panel.
On his part, poet Abdul Rahman bin Saud said that he participated in this stage with a poem called “Respect”. He thanked the judges for their constructive remarks, adding that such remarks “aim to effectively develop the participating poets.”
Similarly, poet Ali bin Ahmed expressed his satisfaction with the poem he recited before the judges, which talked about the value of loyalty through narrating Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal’s life.
Within the same context, poet Miteb Mohamed Al-Marri said that he submitted a poem about the value of justice, which received constructive remarks from the judges, and he added: “they {the Judges} aim to develop us as poets.”
Poet Ali bin Qurei also expressed his satisfaction with the poem he recited before the judging panel. He said it was about the value of justice and he was very happy with the judges’ reaction to his performance.
On his part, the poet Salman bin Khalid said that he recited a poem of his own before the judges, hoping to qualify for the round of 24, which in his opinion will witness fierce competition between the poets.”
Poet Jaber Al-Nashira said that he participated in round 50 with a poem that was also about “justice”. He added that it got mixed opinions from the judging ranging from praises to making some observations, “that I will work on in the future.”, as he finally added.
As for poet Jaber Al-Dahbeeb, he affirmed that the judges, especially, author Ali Al-Masoudi, member of the judging panel, praised his poem, which he recited during the current stage, “because of the aesthetics that it {the poem} included.”, he explained.
Poet Adel Abdullah also expressed his respect for the judging panel’s perspectives and remarks and said he will take them into consideration. He finally wished success for himself and all his fellow poets participating in the event.