Mr. Nasser Al-Hammadi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Watan Theater Group, confirmed that the group has many plans, programs and ideas, which vary between holding specialized courses and presenting theatrical performances; all in contribution to boosting the theatrical movement at the local level.

Mr. Al-Hamadi  expressed his hope that the dedicated support to the group for the implementation of ideas and projects into a concrete plan for theater would be quickly completed, as the group’s activity confirms its constant keenness to push forward the theatrical action and projects through the achievement of specialized courses recently in addition to the presentation of performances; the impact of which has led to awards winning. He added: “We can never stop the theatrical activities, even if we have to spend from the budgets of the members of our theater group, because we are keen to present theatrical performances in order  enrich the scene and please our theater fans.” He also confirmed that the group is currently holding a discussion with the Theater Affairs Center at the Ministry of Culture to hold a number of theater courses, such as on actor preparation, stage techniques, script, music and other aspects that lead to the promotion of the theater movement. He hoped to respond to everything that would contribute to the advancement of the theater movement, under the patronage of the Theater Affairs Center. Furthermore, he pointed out that the group is fully prepared to play a number of theatrical performances, as well as theater sessions, which are at the top of the priority list and concerns of the Group; noting that the Group has the technical staff capable of achieving this, whether as actors or other cadres that can carry out all that is assigned to them by the Theater Affairs Center, or to develop and create new ideas, plans and projects that can promote the theater movement. Mr. Nasser Al-Hammadi, in addition, added: “We are thinking of re-presenting one of the plays performed by Al-Watan Theater Group recently, which was attended by a huge number of fans.”

The Group, moreover, has recently performed the children’s play “Bint Al-Sayyad”, which was written by Abdul Razzaq Al-Rubaie, directed by Tamer Al-Qazzaz, and performed by Hala Wael, Salman Salem, Abdulrahman Kassab, Alaa Ahmad, Mishal Hassan, Ramah Yusuf, Mariam Al-Qasimi, Fahd Al-Mari, Ahmed Al-Jasim, Faisal Al-Jasim, Rim Al-Suwaidi, and the two sisters Lausan and Judi Munir. The production was managed by Samira Al-Amiri, while the theatrical scenery management was by Ismail Nour, the theatrical costumes by Reem Al-Suwaidi, and the background music by Youssef Ben Ali. The play revolves around an orphan girl called Jawhara whom  God blessed her with a talent that when she laughs some pearls fall of her mouth, and when she cries the sky rains. The events then continue in an interesting fictional ambiance. The work carries some moral and awareness messages for children to emphasize the importance of treating the orphan with respect, that morals and good words are more important than money, and that the consequence of lying is always bad.