The “Youth Center for Hobbies” has opened the door for registration in the workshop fopr “Photographing of Cities”, which will be held from 15 to 18 March this year at the Center’s Headquarters in the General Organization for Cultural District, which will be provided by photographer Abdullah Al-Musleh, head of the Center’s photography department. The workshop includes theoretical and practical training on some techniques of lighting and the use of different filters in order to apply the appropriate effects for the artistic images. in this context, the Al-Musleh told Al-Raya that this workshop comes in the framework of the Center’s plan to enrich the local scene with a set of activities and programs that are held monthly and aim to attract large numbers of associates, as well as Free training workshops which are offered to members with four courses each month during which members are provided with the skills they need and the labor market needs. “We also offer,” He added “A monthly personal exhibition for an affiliate, and there is also a council that gathers photographers to meet once every month. In addition to that, we have activities related to major companies specialized in the field of photography, as they organize monthly lectures provided by specialists in various fields such as sports, wildlife, foods, etc., through partnerships that were signed with those companies.”