The Photography Department at the Youth Hobbies Center of the Ministry of Culture and Sports will launch a training course tomorrow on how to photograph and adjust landscapes, the second level, as the first level of the same course was conducted last month. This course, which will be presented by the trainer, Shady Nasri, is considered an advanced level in terms of the techniques used and the methods used for the photographer to take the required shot, during which participants will learn about the professional methods of photographing and editing techniques.
The course is expected to start on July 11 to 14, and will introduce, at its first and second levels, the art of photography, understanding its foundations and knowledge of its components and technical and creative tools. It will also provide participants with various skills in the field of photography with a focus on the foundations that must be relied upon, enabling the photographer to capture reality around him in an aesthetic way with a degree of benefit, while understanding the visual composition and employing it in order to embody ideas and feelings, with a special focus on practical application and providing a full explanation about the panorama and treatments with the allocation of a day to each one of the elements that the photographer needs while working on landscapes. The workshop follows the “remote” training method and comes within the context of the center’s concern to develop the hobby of photography. In this context, the center announced its intention to launch another new series of training workshops, as several courses were listed on its schedule, aimed at attracting young people to proper practice of photography, teaching the participants the principles of photography in general and the techniques of some specialties in a professional manner, which will develop their talent for photography.