Yesterday, on the sidelines of “Qatari Success” activities, Photographers Forum was held, hosting a group of Qatari talents in the field of photography, to talk about their artistic experiences so as to inspire young people, and encourage novice amateurs and motivate them to engage in the world of photography. In the beginning, Abdullah Al-Musleh, Head of Akkas Photography Center, confirmed that the Center is working to provide an incubator for the hobby of photography, which has recently witnessed remarkable growth, and has attracted the interest of large numbers of young people. The center seeks to develop and implement plans and programs that achieve the practice and development of this hobby. It strives to provide all the material and human capital required to achieve his goals. For her part, Fatima Al-Emadi, Head of Photo Forum, said that this forum seeks to highlight the importance of photography in Qatar, in addition to getting acquainted with photographers, providing an opportunity to exchange experiences among them, encouraging beginners to engage in the world of photography, as well as getting to know the Youth Center for Hobbies, and its role in supporting photographers and highlighting their skills to advance the world of photography in Qatar.

Reem Al-Badr, in turn, spoke about her method of taking photos of newborns, explaining that the photo sessions start from the moment the child is born and extends over a period of two weeks. She noted that Qatari mothers prefer to have full albums for the newborn in various positions, the best of which is the one that resembles the posture of the fetus inside the mother’s womb, to look like a painting or masterpiece. In this regard, she pointed out that cool colors and designs suit some children, while dark colors and complex decorations are preferred for others. For her part, photographer Asmaa Ghanem Al-Abdullah indicated that she became a professional sports photographer, as she comes from a sports family and most of her family members were players in Al Rayyan Club. Regarding his love for taking photos of the Qatari environment, Hamad Al-Khulaifi said: “My passion for birds and the environment in general made me look at the environment completely differently, and I became more interested in it. This turned from a hobby to a responsibility towards local and migratory birds, because it is the basis of our ecological balance”. Also, photographer Omar Ahmed Al Hammadi stressed his great love for horses of all kinds, especially the purebred Arabian horses, pointing to the challenges he faces in his activity, since photographing horses requires certain times and specific postures, pointing out that he focuses in his trips on searching for horses to take pictures in any sites they are.