The main theater in Darb Al Saai witnessed a new dialogue session entitled “Picturing the Qatari Environment”, which came within the framework of the activities of the National Day of the State 2022.

The Photographers Youssef Mohammed Fakhro and Hamad Al-Khulaifi participated in the session, and it was moderated by Mr. Mohammed Al-Baker.

During the session, the two speakers discussed the methods to be followed when photographing birds, in order to enable the photographer to take professional pictures that reflect the details of the birds and achieve the goals of these shots.

For his part, the photographer, Yousef Mohammad Fakhro, told the stories of some of the photos he took, including pictures of a migratory bird that required him a long time.

He said that: After many attempts, which extended to a whole week, he was able to take many pictures of a bird, after he followed many necessary precautions to take these pictures with very accurate details. He stressed the importance of the photographer taking into account many steps during filming, including wearing camouflage clothing, in order to camouflage, in a way that enables him to gradually approach the birds, in preparation for taking the required pictures.


In turn, photographer Hamad Al-Khulaifi said that: The State of Qatar is witnessing the arrival of large numbers of birds, which makes this journey in need of documentation, and that this requires a real knowledge of wildlife.

He pointed out the importance of travel opportunities for the photographer. Considering it very important, as it provides him with the opportunity to enter nature reserves, for example those reserves spread in some African countries, which require him to document these reserves and what they abound in, through the camera.

He stressed the importance of identifying the times of migration of birds and the times of their crossing in the different seasons, in addition to knowing their whereabouts, while looking at the times of their migration to Qatar. He said that: Although Qatar is not part of the bird migration plans, it nevertheless witnesses the migration of many birds to it.

As for Mr. Mohammad Al-Baker, he emphasized that photographing birds requires the photographer to identify many information related to these birds, such as their characteristics and types, and this requires the photographer to conduct continuous research and read more.

He said that: With the continuation of searches for information about birds, the photographer will discover many accurate experiences about birds, in a way that will enable him then to identify birds through their sounds, as well as identify their whereabouts, and other details.

He continued by saying that: It is, therefore, possible, through the photographer’s acquisition of the necessary experience in identifying the types of birds, that he will be able to know their types, once he hears their voices. Stressing that the definite desire to become a professional photographer will make him gain many experiences with regard to photographing birds, by reading and collecting a lot of information about them, especially their whereabouts, whether they live among the trunks and branches, or whether they live on the ground, or in marine places or wilderness, as well as knowing the species that reach Doha, which makes photography a pleasure for the photographer.