The Qatari Scientific Club (QSC) has launched the activities of the summer camp under the theme “Aqua Steam”, on Sunday, July 5, following the QSC’s announcement of its plan for the Summer Camp this year and its main camp programs. Within a few days only, enrolment has exceeded the number specified for the activity. Under the pressure of contacts from the people and out of the QSC commitment to its societal responsibility, and in order to ensure that the benefit is spread along as broad a range of those who wish to enroll in the summer activity as possible, the QSC administration decided to extend the activity period to two new groups during August. This is in addition to two special robot groups. This will make a total of six groups, with four general groups and two special groups dedicated to the WIDO2 Robot Activity. QSC has set the age group for the robot activity to be 8 to 10 years. Besides, participants are required to have the robot set WIDO2 in order to participate in the robot activity. The summer camp, which was given the name of “Aqua Steam”, began on July 5, 2020, with its first general group ending on July 8, and the second general group from July 12 to 15. Then the first robot group will take place from July 19 to 23, the third general group will be held from August 9 to 12, and the fourth general group will be held from August 16 to 19. The second robot group will be from 23 to 26 August 2020.
Remote education was applied to these groups via the QSC electronic platforms. Those willing to register can access the QSC Website, choose the group where they want to register, add their details and wait until they receive a text message from the QSC notifying them that their registration is approved. They can then go to the QSC premises, register, pay the learning kit fees and take it with them, as this bag kit accompany the participants in the activity during the remote learning workshops and in carrying out their scientific projects.
With respect to the nature of workshops and programs that participants will receive, Ms. Fatma Al-Mohannadi, Director of the Center for Steam activities and programs in the QSC, reported that the activities will focus on the STEAM educational system, which aims at an integrated education combining the general sciences, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. It includes several themes such as workshops and science project, where workshops focus on the most important physical properties of water and salinity impacts. There will be workshops on marine exploration as well. Regarding the theme of scientific projects, a scientific project has been identified for each age group, including the projects of sailboat, luminous whale and the Aquarium. These projects will be carried out based on the 2D and 3D design principles. Participants will learn more in scientific workshops focusing mainly on the nature and properties of water. Therefore, we called the camp ‘Aqua Steam’.

As for the nature of the learning kit that will be provided to the camp participants, Ms. Al-Mohanddi indicated that it is a bag containing supplies and tools that would help them carry out their projects and during workshops, along with the appropriate safety and security equipment for these workshops and projects. The bag and its contents were specially designed for this activity. A series of modules that serve the activity’s scientific projects have been undertaken in advance. The bag also includes some tools and equipment to help carry out experiments at home.