Al-Watan Theater Troupe presented a distinguished performance, which was praised by the audience, who filled the places designated for it within the activities of Doha Theater Festival in its current edition, which will continue until the twenty-ninth of this month in Katara Cultural Village.

The show revolved around the issue of moral rights and their theft and forcing the owner of the pen and the literary right to waive his right or not obtain it by force. During the show, the artist Abdul Wahed Muhammad embodied the personality of one of the writers who suffer from persecution and the theft by an official, “The artist Ali Mirza,” of his latest literary publications and his desperate attempt to attribute this work to him, and how such thefts and literary frauds negatively affect the writer and creator and make him lose his passion and love for writing which may possibly end his literary career.

Regarding participation in the festival, the artist Abdel Wahed Mohamed indicated that he is happy to return to the stage again after a break that lasted for several years.

He added by saying that: What prompted me to return with enthusiasm to the stage was the artist Ali Mirza Mahmoud, with whom I worked more than 25 years ago in my artistic beginnings, and today through this text I will stand beside him on stage in the scene (The teacher and the student), and it is a very great honor for me to be in Theatrical work accompanied by the able artist Ali Mirza.

Meanwhile, the writer Aisha Ahmed Al-Buainain, the author of the show “Part of the text is stolen,” said that she presented through the show a realistic case that carries an important artistic message, explaining that theater is one of the most important performance arts that depends on the embodiment of the story, and the text is the backbone on which the play is based, which Performed with utmost craftsmanship by a group of talented people.

She continued by saying that: My pen has chosen to embody reality, and is trying to reach some solutions to its problems in a simplified framework in the form of multiple scenes.

Participated in the play “Part of the text is stolen” Ali Mirza Mahmoud, Abdul Wahid Mohammad, Khaled Hussein, Abdul Rahman Khaled, Siham, Ahmed Abdel Aziz, written by Aisha Ahmed, prepared and directed by Ali Mirza Mahmoud.

Today, Doha Theatrical Ensemble will present “Wadi Al-Majadir” by the creative artist Abdul Rahman Al-Mannai, with the representation of: Ahmed Afif, Zainab Al-Ali, Jassem Al-Saadi. The play deals with the duality of life and death, and human transformations in light of the disasters that befall him. In this regard, she resorts to existential dimensions through events that deal with the story of an epidemic that spread during the 1930s, killing many people in Qatar and other regions in the Gulf. The work is heritage, but it carries existential dimensions, and it depends on the technique of fragmentation of characters, where we feel that we are facing one character. However, it was fragmented through different stories and facts, although each character has a different story, but, they all play on the binary strings of life and death, hope and despair, will and helplessness, the sense of the monotony of life and the turnout for it nonetheless.

The work is limited to three characters, so the healer is that person who was happy until he found himself alone between two realities, namely: the past he was living in, and his new present, and he is a composite character, like other characters in the play. She lost her son “Saeed” due to illness, and her present lives on his memory, and the same picture applies to the healer who lives his present life in his past.