Mr. Abdullah Ghanem Al-Binali Al-Mohannadi, Editor-in-Chief, emphasized that Qatar’s celebration of the National Day this year, under the slogan “Our Unity is the Source of Our Strength”, carries deep national connotations that reflect the spirit of belonging to the homeland and the consolidation of the values ​​of loyalty, solidarity and national unity. In a video interview with the Organizing Committee for the National Day celebrations, he indicated that accompanying the celebration of the National Day, with the State of Qatar organizing the first World Cup hosted by an Arab and Muslim State, is an important and great occasion to introduce the world to the greatness and originality of our history, culture, customs, traditions, morals, identity, and the glories of our homeland that we are proud of, pointing out that the State of Qatar welcomes the fans of the world, and all the teams and fans, as they are our guests on the land of Qatar, and we also welcome the millions of followers of the Qatar World Cup.

He added: We share those historical moments in the life of the nation, so that everyone can witness with us the unprecedented comprehensive renaissance and development that changed the face of the country thanks to the wisdom of the vision of our leadership, which always seeks to raise the State and the efforts, work and sacrifices of the loyal people of Qatar. In conclusion, the editor-in-chief expressed his pride in the achievements made so far.

This meeting comes within the framework of the Ministry of Culture’s keenness to celebrate the National Day, through a series of video interviews with a number of officials and media and cultural personalities in the country through its digital platforms on social networking sites, with the aim of enhancing the participation of all segments of society in the celebrations of the National Day of the State that coincide with the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 to highlight the national identity and Qatari culture, in front of the community and the State’s guests from all over the world.

The Organizing Committee for the National Day celebrations has been keen to prepare a number of promotional and welcoming videos in Arabic and a number of foreign languages to emphasize the upholding of the values ​​of the National Day and pride in the authentic national identity and to highlight the bright aspects of our history and culture and the extent of our belief in civilized interaction with other cultures and our pride in our Arab and Islamic values in front of the world.