Qatar’s national team qualified for the second round of World Chess Olympiad competitions remotely organized by the International Federation after being awarded second position in the general rank winning in seven rounds against a draw and loss. The Qatar national team begun the competitions by overcoming the Liberia n’sational team obstacle in the first round with four wins and 1 draw and loss. Then, the Qatar national team beat Gambia’s national team with five wins and a draw.
In the third round with the Gabon’s national team, Qatar national team beat the team with 4 wins and 1 loss and draw. Then the national team got a draw in the fourth round with Mali’s national team, with three wins for each team, while the Qatari team returned to surpass in the fifth round by six wins against the Democratic Congo’s national team.
The only loss for the Qatar national team in the sixth round was against the Lebanese national team, with one win against five losses, then the Qatar national team returned and won in the seventh round with five wins and a loss, which is the same result of the eighth round over Burundi and the ninth which is the last round over San Marino.
It was decided to hold the round competitions of the World Chess Olympiad from Next Friday over three days.
Qatar national team participating in World Chess Olympiad competitions includes the players:
Hussein Aziz, Saleh Al-Hur, Sarah Al-Mohannadi, Abdullah Al-Hamid, Layan Al-Qasabi, Muhammad Al-Qasabi, Rawda Al-Qasabi, Kholoud Al-Khulaifi, and Aisha Al-Khulaifi.
The Chess Olympiad is considered one of the most prominent international competitions; it is a series of matches that are held every two years under the supervision of the International Federation of the game.