The Music Affairs Center of the Ministry of Culture organizes tomorrow evening a new music event within the program of “Beit Al-Sulaiti Music Salon”, an event on orchestration and melody presented by the Qatari music composer Muhammad Al-Marri in the presence of a group of specialists and those interested  in the music field.

During the event, many specialized topics will be discussed that are concerned with the employment of various musical instruments in different melody segments, while addressing the role of the music composer in terms of recording the melody, selecting and determining the speed, rhythm and general musical performance of the song, as well as choosing music players and recording the song in the studio and supervising all other required steps.

The organization of these music events comes within the framework of the Center’s keenness to spread the culture of music in the community and enhance awareness of it. The “Beit Al-Sulaiti Music Salon” is considered the appropriate space for this weekly event, through which an elite of specialists in the field are hosted to discuss various topics related to music. The Salon, moreover, offers a series of monthly discussions about music affairs, through the participation of musicians and talented people in music fields, such as singing, playing music and other music activities.