Today, the champions of the second edition of the Qatar e-racing championship are determined for the category of motorcycles organized by the “Online” Qatar Automobile and Motorcycle Federation, as the competition will be significant to settle the first five places.
Cyclist Saeed Al-Sulaiti continued his lead in the overall ranking after he managed to win the second round in the final stage, which witnessed the participation of 14 contestants. He recorded a time of 28.336.710 minutes and a difference of 5.187 seconds from Saud bin Jassim Al Thani, who came in second place. Then came Khaled Al-Maraghi in third place with 14,046 seconds behind Al-Sulaiti, while Kuwaiti Mohammed Al-Zaidan finished fourth, 15,992 seconds from the leader. Frenchman Jeremy Barola completed the list of the first five places with a difference of 22,182 seconds from the first-place holder.
Al-Sulaiti raised his score to 80 points, a difference of eight points from Saud bin Jassim Al Thani, who finished second with 72 points. Meanwhile, in third place came motorcyclist Khaled Al Maraghi with a score of 66 points, while Frenchman Jeremy Barola advanced to fourth with 60 points. the same was scored by Kuwaiti Mohammed Al-Zaidan, who advanced to fifth place. Motorcyclist Hadi Ahmed dropped from fourth to sixth place with 59 points. Winners of the top five places in the championship will receive important financial rewards amounting to 15,000 riyals for the first place winner, 13,000 riyals for the second, 10 thousand riyals for the third, 6 thousand riyals for the fourth, and 5 thousand riyals for the fifth.