The Qatari Forum for Authors organized a new episode of the “Between the Shelves” initiative that the forum broadcasts weekly on its YouTube channel. The new episode, presented by the writers Hassan Al-Anwari and Reem Dabees, sheds the light on the novel entitled “Traveler” by the Polish writer Olga Tokarczuk, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature and Man Booker International Prize. The book was translated into Arabic language by Ihab Abdel Hamid.

At the beginning, the writer Hassan Al-Anwari, introduced the writer Olga Tokarczuk who was born in 1962 and who is a Polish writer, activist and thinker. She is considered one of the most successful writers of her generation at the critical and commercial levels indicating that she was awarded the Man Booker International Prize in 2018 and in the same year she won the Nobel Prize in Literature because she presented “Narrative Fiction representing the encyclopedia of crossing borders as a way of life”.

He added that the language of the novel reveals the writers attention to details in the narration and it adopts a sarcastic nature pointing out that the novel doesn’t neglect to talk about issues such environment, global warming, modern physical theories and individual life in the West. Also, the novel is influenced by modern Western philosophies. The heroine of the novel, through her rebellion, seeks to deviate from fixed standards and rules and then her vision of life is apparently disjoined.

On her part, the writer Deem Dabees said that the novel “Traveler” takes in its narration the image of daily diaries as the narrator who doesn’t mention her name across 524 pages deals with various events related to passion for travel and moving from one continent to the other and from one culture to the other within stories that have no connection except the narrator who sometimes conveys different feelings inside her.