Officials of the departments of Qatari heritage activities in Darb Al Saai, who were honored, stressed the importance of cooperative work, solidarity and unification of efforts for the success of the national action, noting that Darb Al Saai this year was distinguished by being a Qatari cultural message addressed to the world that carries the message of originality, the fragrant of history, and presented an honorable image of the country’s efforts for preserving its historical components and the Arabic language.

They said: We have great work ahead of us for the future because Qatar today has excelled in all international forums, and this requires more dedication and giving, stressing that volunteer work in the service of Qatar will push efforts forward.

Dr. Ghanem Mubarak Al-Ali, the Director General of the National Day activities in Darb Al Saai, confirmed by saying that: Darb Al Saai this year achieved its goal, which is to highlight the Qatari heritage. We, therefore, congratulate everyone on the National Day and the team that worked throughout the period of Darb Al Saai, as they worked on preparing, developing plans, and drawing diligent work methods that achieved success.

He added by saying that the work was around the clock without stopping, and the work was crowned with success, and we congratulate everyone on completing the effort in a manner befitting the State of Qatar, which is a bright and wonderful image that has won the admiration of tourists and families.

Al-Rawdat Event

For his part, Mr. Farhood Hadi Al-Hajri, the Head of Al-Rawdat Event said that: We were honored by His Excellency the Minister of Culture, and this constitutes an incentive for us. The cooperative teamwork contributed to the success of Al Rawdat Event, which had a great impact on the hearts of visitors, hoping that the activities that serve the community will continue.

Al Bidaa Department of Maritime Heritage

Mr. Nasser Al-Khulaifi, the Head of the Al-Bidaa Maritime Heritage event, also expressed his pride in the success of Darb Al Saai, which coincided with the success of the World Championship. He said that: “We have fulfilled our duty and conveyed the message of heritage as it should be to the world, and that the world around us has witnessed all the details of folklore, its aesthetics and authenticity.”

He congratulated the community on the distinction of the World Cup and that it won the world’s trust and left a great impact on souls. The national events showed the value of heritage and its status and highlighted the Arab culture in a message to the world.

Qatar Reads

For her part, Ms. Fatima Al-Maliki, the Director of Qatar Reads in Darb Al Saai initiative, said that the cultural events were very special this year and focused on cultural affairs, reading, education, children’s self-development and creativity, and directed the audience to the importance of books and reading, which won the admiration of visitors, children and families.

She stressed that culture, reading and reading are behind the success of every person, and we, in Qatar Read, motivate everyone on the importance of self-development and learning about everything new.

Honoring preserves creativity

For his part, Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Badi Al-Maadheed, the Head of Al-Maqtar and Al-Ezba event, expressed his happiness at receiving the shield of honor, and this success is due to everyone’s solidarity in order to highlight the civilized face of the Qatari heritage.

He said that the methods of presentations made and presenting in front of the audience helped to highlight teamwork in an honorable manner, and the activities culminated in the success of Darb Al Saai and coincided with the success of the World Cup, and this made everyone happy.

He said that we have to look at the heritage with a brilliant future, God willing, and not stop there and offer more for our country.

Volunteering is self-development

In his turn, Mr. Mohammed Hassan Al-Mohammadi, the Dean of Volunteers, said that: I was honored at Darb Al Saai, and this is an addition to my career in volunteer work, which I started in 1976 and until today, and I am in all voluntary fields, whether sports or community.

He stressed that volunteering is the highest work, especially if it provides great services to society and individuals and highlights the civilized face of Qatar, and this is what we were keen on in Darb Al Saai, noting that excellence, cooperative work and good coordination are behind the success of the events.

Volunteering continues

Mr. Habib Khalfan, the most prominent volunteer in Darb Al Saai, expressed his happiness with the honor, and said that I won the award for International Volunteer Day and in my capacity as a volunteer in FIFA and the Qatar Center for Voluntary Work, and this is a special addition to me.

He added that he started his volunteering journey in 2005 during the West Asian Games and continues his career today, indicating that volunteering is a source of pride for volunteers and gives motivation and motivation to do more, and it serves as an imprint to highlight the activities of the country in general.

I am proud to volunteer

For her part, Mrs. Wajida Abdullah Al-Qahtani, the Head of the Young Volunteer Team, said that: I am very proud of receiving the honorary scarf that bears the phrase (I am proud of my volunteering), and this motivates me to complete the march. I continued volunteering because of my desire to provide services to the community and because the field of volunteering is wide and everything can be offered to the public and the return is self-satisfaction.