The Nomas Centre affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Sports, in cooperation with Al-Gharafa SC, launched the “Majlis Etiquette” course. Events of the course are remotely communicated via the “Zoom” platform until next Wednesday. Participants learn through the course about Majlis Etiquette and greeting, making coffee and  tools used in its preparation and how to buy animals for slaughtering and how to slaughter, flay, and cook them. Also, the Centre offers, among its courses, “Al-Arda (traditional Men’s Dance) Online”. Young people are trained on how to perform the “Qatari Arda”, the types of Al-Razif (traditional art), how to correctly hold the sword, as well as say traditional folkloric poetry “Ad Al Qseed”. The centre aims, through these courses, to instil the unique Qatari customs and traditions in the youth within a framework of religion, morals, providing them with skills that qualify them to be self-reliant and assume responsibility.