Starting today and over four days, Nomas Center is organizing an online course entitled “Falconry” via Zoom application presented by the trainer Hassan Al-Nuaimi. The topics of the course include learning about parts and names of the bird, tools for caring for it as well as practical exercise of bird calling in addition to providing the trainees with skills of dealing with birds and the surrounding environment.


This course aims at teaching members of the center patience, responsibility, hunting rules and morals in addition to teaching young people several values including promoting national identity, loyalty, belonging, kindness, compassion, protecting natural resources such as animals, birds and plants, teaching courage, resuming responsibility, concentration, cooperation, patience and spirit of competition, preserving the wildlife and natural resources the Qatari environment enjoys. In addition to teaching young people parts and names of birds, tools for caring for bird and practical exercise on birds, the members of the center learn how to take care of birds and the diseases that infect them and are provided with skills of dealing with birds, animals and environment they live in. Trainees who obtain honor grade (excellent grade) in falconry course are selected to participate in the land journey to the Southern natural reserve because of their excellence. This trip will be held during the mid-year vacation every year and it lasts for 3 days and includes a group of heritage courses including falconry.