The NOMAS Centre affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Sports announced the launch of a group of popular games competitions remotely by filming a one-minute video while playing the game with the participation of family members. The Centre will continue to receive videos until next Saturday. The context is in the framework of ensuring the protection of popular heritage through games for the Qatari community and the promotion of identity and these games, especially during the month of Ramadan. This month witnessed in the past the practice of these games on a large scale. Among the games in relation to which the Centre announced that it will start competitions are: Al-Teela, Al-Rein, Al-Sabba, Al-Laqfa
“Al-Teela” depends on the player’s skill and ability to focus and accurate aiming. It is practiced bilaterally or collectively by male children. Meanwhile, “Al-Rein” is a collective movement game of dexterity with dribbling and fitness. It is also specific to male children and does not restrict its practice in a specific place. Rather, it is practiced in public squares and ample spaces during times of the day only. Moreover, “Al-Sabba” is a strategic game that requires a degree of focus and planning and is practiced by children, males and females. Further, “Al-Laqfa” is a group game of skill for girls called in some other regions of Qatar as “Al-Malaqeef” and is practiced inside or outside the house.
The Centre has set for participation the age group from 7 to 14 years, and stipulated that the videos be filmed in portrait in order to be easy to watch, and it allowed each participant to submit only 2 videos in each game.