Nomas Centre, which is affiliated to the Ministry of Culture, organized a youth camp to familiarize them with the local environment and Qatari customs, through a number of heritage activities and events, which were admired by participants, and offered them the benefit that would teach them the ancestral legacy in a practical way through their practice on the ground, living with the ancestral lives of the details they lived in the past.

The Center has also announced that it will continue to offer a variety of courses. During the coming period, it will strive to continue to develop plans suited to the age groups of participants, in preparation for the new season, drawing on qualified Qatari trainers who will be able to teach students all the courses offered by the Center to Qataris. Nomas Center is one of the educational institutions and bodies aimed at preserving Qatari hobby and heritage in the young generation by investing its leisure time in education and attending many of the Center’s targeted courses throughout the year. The Centre’s vision is based on the direction of the Ministry of Culture and its objectives are linked to the Qatar Vision 2030, through the preparation of a country generation characterized by authentic Arab Islamic values and behaviors, and to be the link between holders of cultural heritage.