The Ministry of Culture, represented by the Nomas Center, is organizing a trip to the Republic of Uzbekistan, during which participants will learn about the Islamic cultural heritage of Uzbekistan. The trip will last from April 12 to 19, under the slogan “Science, Literature, and the Company of Majid.” In this context, Mr. Ghanem Al-Kuwari, Director of the Nomas Center, said that the Ministry of Culture seeks, through this trip, to build bridges of human and cultural communication, instill the principles of national identity, and discover the talents of young people. In addition to training young people on the importance of teamwork, contributing to building a thinking and conscious personality, and setting good role models for rising generations.
He pointed out that the trip program includes visiting some cultural and tourist sites and landmarks in Tashkent, Samarkand and Bukhara, in addition to a variety of training courses and workshops, explaining that the program targets boys between nine and fifteen years old.
Regarding the reason for choosing the Republic of Uzbekistan, the director of the center says: We have many cultural commonalities in the Republic of Uzbekistan, as it is a country full of components of Islamic culture, and this visit comes within the framework of cultural cooperation between the two countries. As the State of Qatar recently hosted the Uzbek Cultural Week, as part of the program of cultural events that the Ministry includes in its annual activities with sisterly and friendly countries, with the aim of introducing the public to the different cultures of friendly countries.
Through the activities and training courses it provides, the Center seeks to preserve heritage, instill national identity among young people, and teach them customs and traditions at the supervision of the most skilled trainers affiliated with the Center.
The Center contributes to the development of young people by investing their free time in learning and practicing many activities related to the heritage, customs and authentic traditions of the people of Qatar. This is within a clear vision and message that emerges from the Nomas Center being a professional school and incubator of Qatari culture, and teaching young children from 8 to 14 years the customs and traditions of their fathers and grandfathers and the national identity that they have inherited since ancient times, such as the etiquette of sitting and talking, exchanging the Islamic greeting “greeting”, respect and honoring the guest.