The “An Hour and an Hour” initiative provided an opportunity for its members to take a tour of the Nomas Center, which is affiliated with the Ministry of Culture, during the holy month of Ramadan, in the old Al-Wakra Market, as part of its “Our Identity in Our Heritage” activity, with the aim of learning about the customs, traditions and popular games derived from the life of parents and grandparents and strengthening the connection between generations, as the visit included many activities and various events that contribute to teaching children the Qatari heritage and preserving the heritage. Upon their arrival, the delegation was received by Salah Al-Mannai, the Director of Nomas Center, and Mrs. Maryam Al-Dosari, the Advisor to the Director of Nomas Center and in charge of the Girls’ Section.
Nomas Center is one of the educational institutions and bodies that aim to preserve the Qatari identity and heritage for the younger generation, by investing their free time in education and joining many targeted courses that the center holds throughout the year.
The artist and director, Ahmed Al-Badr, was keen to train the participants of the “One Hour and One Hour” initiative program, on many dances to popular songs, through workshops that are held regularly on the theatre.
For her part, Mrs. Tamani Al-Kaldi, the founder of “One Hour and One Hour” initiative, praised the great cooperation with the Nomas Center, which is affiliated with the Ministry of Culture, by allowing the initiative’s members to learn about the popular traditions inside the center, and explained that the visit contributes to encouraging sons and daughters to innovate, develop capabilities and instill a spirit of belonging. and citizenship.
Salah Al-Mannai, the Director of Nomas Center, welcomed the visit of “One Hour and an Hour” initiative program to Nomas Center, indicating that the center’s vision stems from the vision and direction of the Ministry of Culture. Meanwhile, Mrs. Maryam Al-Dosari, the advisor to the director of Nomas Center and the head of the girls’ Section, appreciated the great role played by the “hour by hour” initiative, by organizing many cultural and sports events.