Mr. Salah A- Mannai, Director of Nomas Center, affirmed the Center’s intention to hold several events, including the organization of a scout camp for boys in different locations, explaining that this camp is completely different from the regular scout camps which aim to teach boys a number of customs and traditions of their Qatari society. He also said that this camp comes with the return of a number of in-person courses at the Center and at other locations after the postponement due to the precautionary measures related to COVID-19 pandemic, pointing out the intention of the Center is to hold many events in the future. He also pointed out that the Center will continue offering its workshops online, in addition to other in-person courses, land and marine trips along with quality and seasonal workshops that meet public safety conditions. Mr. Al-Mannai stressed that there are many places with a great deal of natural beauty in Qatar that children do not know about and the events aim to introduce them to the old areas and buildings, to enrich their knowledge on history, and to introduce the achievements of the ancestors and the nature of their lives. He, further, explained the possibility of joining the courses by registering in the various activities and programs of the Center through its social media pages and the Nomas Center website, which is scheduled to be launched as part of a package of various activities that the Center will offer to contribute to the realization of the strategy of the Ministry of Culture, which aims to strengthen and preserve our heritage among the young generations.

Finally, Mr. Al-Mannai pointed to the quality of events and activities offered to boys, which consist of courses on manners related to Majlis gatherings, falconry, hunting, Arada (folk group-dance), traditional pearl diving, as well as an event entitled “Deereti Ber wa Bahr” (land and sea make my homeland), and learning sports that are important in Islam such as archery, horse riding and swimming. Events offered to girls, on the other hand, are on manners and etiquette associated with family and friends gathering and food preparation to guests, the crafts of sewing and embroidery, local heritage knowledge as well as the event of “Deereti Ber wa Bahr” and some housekeeping skills.