The Nomas Center of the Ministry of Culture honored the children participating in the “Majlis Etiquette” course organized by the Center in Fereej Al Wakra. During the course, participants learned the etiquette of the Majlis and the greeting protocol, as well as preparing and serving coffee. They were also trained in how to buy livestock and slaughter animals, skin them and cook their meat. Among the courses offered by the Center was “’ Arḍah Online,” where young Qataris were trained to perform the Qatari ‘Arḍah (folk dance), the types of Razfah (musical dance), how to correctly carry the sword and perform poetry slams (‘Ad Alqaṣīd) in the correct way.


Commenting on the activities of Nomas, Mr. Salah Al-Mannai, Director General of the Center, said: “We pay special attention to everything related to national heritage and local identity and culture, as we offer our children specialized courses, which introduce them to the heritage of our ancestors, such as handling camels, horses and falconry, in addition to such sports as swimming, diving and archery, in order to give them a true picture of what our ancestors lived through in the past. Through these courses, the Center aims to inculcate authentic Qatari customs and traditions in young people in a framework of religion and sublime morals, and to provide them with the skills that prepare them for self-reliance and responsibility.