Nomas Center concluded a wilderness excursion yesterday in the Mukaynis locality, ending its first two-day camp, which included a program of events and activities through which wildlife was identified to participants by specialized trainers and experienced persons in this field.


Mr. Salah Bin Ibrahim Al-Mannai, Director of the Center, said that the first camp by Nomas Center (Al-Mu’izzab) targeted children between the ages of 10 and 14, during which work was carried out promoting Qatari customs and traditions, where they experienced the wildlife atmosphere of the past lived by their grandparents.  In addition to various activities and events derived from Qatari culture, the participants during the excursion applied what was gained during the camp period as well as what they had gained in previous courses, such as the manners and ethics related to majlis (group gathering and hospitality), camel riding, falconry or archery. Through this camp, the Center was keen to support self-reliance among participants; in addition to the program’s two aspects of being recreational and educational trip at the same time.


Mr. Jassim Al-Ma’adeed, Head of Programs and Activities at Nomas Center, stated that this wilderness trip is the first in a series of trips and camps to be held during the coming period, stressing that  Nomas Center is keen to organize such events to prepare a generation characterized by Islamic and Arab values and behaviors, in order to be the link between holders of Qatari cultural heritage and young people of Qatar, enhance the value of Qatari identity and authenticity, encourage young people to innovate and create, develop abilities, and instill the sense of belonging and citizenship. He, furthermore, explained that the program is good enough to attract young people because of its activities that carry a great deal of enjoyment, although it is basically an educational program but it is conducted in an indirect way. In this context, Mr. Al-Ma’adeed further explained that the program included a religious educational event along with many heritage events that enable young people learn the most accurate details of their cultural heritage, and it instills in them the sense of national belonging, traditions and customs of Qatar.


The final day of the camp witnessed the honoring of the participants for their excellence and interaction with the activities of the trip, where they were awarded certificates of appreciation as part of the Center’s keenness to motivate them to make further progress in future courses and camps.