Nomas Center, affiliated to the Ministry of Culture, announced the wild camp programme, in the Labsair area of Al Shahaniya, which is presented by a group of specialists over a course of three days from January 18 to 20, with the aim of consolidating values and strengthening national identity among young people, and further Providing them with information about the authentic Qatari heritage.

The center announced that Nomas Wild Camp is some educational and recreational camp rich in many cultural, educational and recreational activities, targeting children from the age of 8 to 14 years, to develop their skills and abilities for self-reliance, in addition to investing their free time in learning and practicing many heritage activities.

The center offers a rich and diverse package of programs and events, as the activities of the wild camp include learning about the Qatari environment, folk games, and first aid, in addition to teaching participants Council etiquette, camel riding, Qatari ardha, and archery.