The Centre for the Visual Arts has announced the launch of its new summer season through a series of various training workshops, with emphasis on precautionary measures and the commitment to the authorized numbers in each room. During these workshops, trainees shall learn the basics of each department, thus contributing to the development of their potential to achieve sustainable mobility and to achieve outputs consistent with the objectives of the Ministry of Culture and Sports in ways that are compatible with the current circumstances.


These artistic workshops will work with all their capacity inside the center’s headquarters in its two branches (Aziziya Branch – Katara Branch) to encourage talented young people and attract them to practice visual arts and train them inside the center’s halls by launching a package of artistic training workshops that will be characterized by presenting creative ideas presented by Specialists at a high level of professionalism and craftsmanship, each in his field of drawing, coloring, engraving and ceramics.


The new program is characterized by its attachment to a new theme for the summer of 2012 by the figurative artist Abdul Aziz Youssef, which highlights the interest in the Qatari youth category and its different tendencies and interests. The design elements have been used in their overlap and hierarchy to reflect the state of desire for State development in all areas by supporting the youth group with all its tools and potential. In turn, it is a key objective of the Centre. The rising trend in design confirms the desire for sustainable development and evolution of the skills of young people. The diversity and difference in the age of young people have been exploited to increase their strength, stiffness, cohesion and authenticity, and to emphasize the importance for the cooperation of all groups of young people to build, develop and sustain their lives.


The new workshops stem from the role of the educational center in the field of visual arts, and within the framework of its main objective to educate community members and encourage them to practice visual arts and discover, attract and nurture artistic talents.