Yesterday at the Doha International Book Fair, the Qatari Forum for Authors announced the release of a new collection of titles by Qatari and resident authors published by local and international publishing houses. The announcement was part of the Forum’s initiative to support writers and innovators in different fields. Among the new releases are Ten Percent and Jumana, two novels by Mohammed Hassan Al-Disouqi, as well as The Qatari Encyclopedia of Legal Culture by Dr. Makhlad Al-Zuabi, Assistant Professor at the Police College. The encyclopedia offers entries on legal and security culture, including articles of the Qatari constitution. The encyclopedia, which is dedicated to the people of Qatar and the Qatari leadership, is part of efforts by the Police College and its Academic Affairs Deanship to support research. Another book released in this collection is Narratives of Children’s Literature in Qatar by Haya Al-Dawsari, who explained that, “This book documents the development of children’s literature in Qatar, which went through three main stages: early beginnings, extension, and maturity.”

Another of the new releases is In the Flames of Waiting, a novel by Saliha Khalifa, who describes it as “A social romantic narrative whose conflict starts at the onset of the plot leading to the climax when the protagonist, Ghadir, arrives in Doha retuning from the United States.” The Development of Formal Education in Qatar is another title released during the fair. This is the eleventh book by Mohammed Ibrahim Khatir. The book is in seven chapters documenting the success of Qatar over the years in the field of education. It also describes the challenges and obstacles in the path of educational development and offers possible solutions. Other publications include Technical Heart-to-Heart by Mulhtar Khawaja, Diary of a Yemini Journalist by Mohammed Al-Qadi, Wajdi’s Aqruba by Amina Fadl Allah, Connection Symphony by Nadia Tarkar, and three books by Hala Abu Saad: Granny Maryam and the Bridegroom, Grandpa Adel Forgot the Way, The Sky is its Border. As for books in translation, the collection includes some of Jamal Fayiz’s books translated into Hindi, Persian, and Polish.