As part of its closing day activities, the Qatari Forum for Authors launched yesterday a series of new book publications in various areas of knowledge and creativity. Through these inaugural activities, the Forum sought to reinforce cultural and literary endeavors and provide support for books and authors. Book launches varied from fiction to scientific writing in its economic, political, and cognitive aspects. In this regard, the book Diplomacy, Leadership, and Power by Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Hurr, Director of the Diplomatic Institute at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar, and Your First Book in Marketing by Dr. Nassima Haidar were launched. In the same context, the book, Introduction to the Theory of Complexity in International Relations was launched by Dr. Mohamed Hamshi, author, researcher at the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies, and assistant professor in the Political Science and International Relations Program at Doha Institute for Graduate Studies. The Forum’s pavilion also witnessed the launching of the book The Last Gun, which is a collection of short stories written by Masoud Al-Khalaf, in addition to the launching of Ghosts of Frigina by the young writer Sarah Khaled Al-Yacoub. The latter explained that this collection, which is the first of its kind wherein the spirit of Qatari heritage is mixed with reality and imagination, sets some of its events in heritage places, some of which are based on real facts. The events evolve to assume the nature of horror and suspense, and perhaps this kind of literature, the author says further, “is new to the local literary scene, as I hope to leave a distinctive imprint through this type of writing.”