A state of anticipation and waiting prevails the cultural scene that awaits eagerly prevails in the launch of Doha International Book in its thirty-second edition, starting from June 12, where intellectuals await a lot from this Fair and hold many aspirations that they wish to find, and at the time this event is worth Big awaits the cultural scene with watching to see to what extent will the books witness a popularity among people, it was free to see the extent of the benefits that the writers await from the expected Fair as the most prominent event, where the attention of writers and intellectuals at the same time of each year is directed to it, hoping to restore the book’s place, and during the survey of their opinions in this regard, they wished that the Fair in its new session would not be a transient event that comes and then goes without leaving its effect on the community, as they expressed their hope that everyone will draw from a certain culture that comes with the Fair from different countries of the world, as they wish that the Fair comes with new titles and events that predict as aspirations, hopes, visions and theses for the future and life, as the Fair gives everyone the opportunity to acquire books that they cannot obtain from others, and the sitting of senior writers, poets and intellectuals who are invited to participate in the corridors of the Fair.

Mr. Jassim Al-Buainain, the Director of Doha International Book Fair confirmed that preparations are currently taking place for the next edition of Doha International Book Fair will be held from June 12 to 21, under the motto “Belqrea Nartaqe – By reading, we rise”, pointing out that the organizing committee of the Fair is keen to present a distinguished cultural program that includes many cultural, literary and musical seminars and evenings, and that the next edition will witness interest in the events that concern the child, as we seek to enhance the presence of families and children during the next edition of the Fair. He added: What distinguishes this edition is the great turnout by the Qatari and international publishing houses, as this edition witnesses the increase in the number of countries participating in the Fair from last year, as the number exceeds 35 countries, represented by more than 490 publishing houses. There will also be new publishing houses that participate with us for the first time.

Concerning the program accompanying the Fair, Al -Buainain said: We are preparing with a more spacious and rich program, for the benefit of students of science, intellectuals, and lovers of reading and books. We will have the main theater, which will embrace a large collection of cultural, intellectual and evening seminars, as there will be the cultural salon, which will embrace poetic and literary evenings. This is in addition to book signature parties, as there will be a field for a child with various workshops and events, and also includes a theater dedicated to children’s shows in addition to the general workshops that will be held throughout the Fair days.

Concerning the selection of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to be the guest of honor of the Fair, he explained that it will participate through a pavilion that includes the publications of the Ministry of Culture, in addition to the manuscripts and heritage holdings and they will also have a cultural program, including a number of lectures and training workshops and a common poetry evening will be held between the Saudi and Qatari poets. Commenting on the prices of books expected to be witnessed in the next edition of the Fair, he stressed the Ministry of Culture’s keenness to be obtainable, in agreement with the participating publishing houses, indicating that the ministry provided many services to publishers in exchange for providing a discount of approximately 25% of the original prices of the Fair’s visitors. Concerning the Fair dates, he explained that it will be from 09:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. all days of the week except on Friday, during which work will start from three in the afternoon and end at ten in the evening. He concluded his speech, stressing that the Fair represents an opportunity to meet between the intellectuals, where the important books are discussed, and he said in the recent period there is an increase in the number of the Qatari authors and the number of the Qatari publishing houses. Indeed, there are new publishing houses participating for the first time in this edition of the Fair.

The writer Abdul-Rahman Al-Obaidli wished that the Book Fair will enjoy, in its next edition, a public turnout under the establishment of the Fair during the summer vacation period and suggested that the next edition may witness a large public presence by the parents who will want to benefit their children during the leave period, and about the most prominent thing he hopes to see in the Fair a new session that would witness accompanying activities and dialogue sessions that enrich the culture of visitors, and wished to attend important names that could add to the cultural scene in its presence in the Fair, and he also wished that a variety of workshops will be held on the way to read and training in the way of choosing books, and Al-Obaidli demanded that the writers be active on social media to spread their works, with digital copies of their work to reach the fans of knowledge through modern technological means and said that the most prominent characteristic of Doha International Book Fair is that it usually meets the aspirations of the writers.

The writer and novelist, Dr. Mohammed Al-Anzi expressed his wishes that this edition will witness a broader participation of the Qatari, Arab and international publishing houses, and that the next edition witness an effective presence of cultural institutions in terms of the quality of the book and the content provided to the audience of “Doha International Book”, stressing that the Fair and over its previous years achieved a good global reputation With its varied and comprehensive wings for all fields. Al-Anzi praised the great efforts made by the Fair’s organizing committee in order to appear in the best image, and the Ministry of Culture is constantly keen on development and renewal, whether in terms of the place or the design of the place, as well as the motto of the Fair, which always carries a message that transcends the value of reading, pointing out that the delay in organizing the Fair from its usual date made there an anticipation of everyone for this summer edition, especially as it coincides with the end of the exam period, and the opportunity will be a way for our children to enjoy the books contained in the Fair, as well as attending the activities accompanying the Fair. Al-Anzi revealed to “Al-Raya” that he participated in the Fair with a new literary publication during the Fair and titled “Berod Assab – Cool Headed“, and the book is monitored in a smooth and interesting literary style, how a person controls his actions, and the ability to control reactions during difficult situations.

The writer, Shama Shaheen Al-Kuwari said: I aspire to attend literary and intellectual discussions, high-level, expressing a real culture and added: I wished the Fair be held on its usual date, because this would have been compatible with the rest of the Fairs held in the neighboring countries in the Gulf region, and because many intellectuals, writers and those interested in books, had planned and prepared themselves to buy books, during that period, especially with the scarcity and lack of quality available in local libraries throughout the year, and about the events that she hopes to accompany the book fair this year, she hoped to see activities such as literary discussions and group readings, drawing through the ideas emitted from books, short stories competitions, discovering and sponsoring new talents. Concerning her participation in this year’s edition of the Fair, she explained that she will witness the signing of her new novel, “Shams Bela Dawaa – Sun without Light“, with the House of Hamad Bin Khalifa University, which she formulated according to the foundations and intellectual considerations through which she invites a call to meditate and think about her choices in life.