Al Jasra Cultural and Social Club, affiliated with the Ministry of Culture, will soon include an exhibition by the Fine Arts Group, featuring the works of a number of Qatari and resident artists.

Mr. Muhammad Nasser Al-Obaidan, General Secretary of the Club, attributed the importance of this exhibition to the fact that it comes to highlight the expressive ability of art, which is capable of changing perceptions and stimulating change, and because of its exploratory power that shapes, influences and reflects society, and to show that art goes beyond the limits of entertainment to being part of society. Human existence is a cultural heritage that nations boast about, just like other arts and literature.

He said: “From this standpoint, Al Jasra Club decided to hold the exhibition to emphasize the enormous cultural importance of art in rooting aesthetics and embodying values, and this is the approach that the club has decided to take since 1972. It was an incubator of creativity, and many creative people grew up in its circles in various fields.” Fields of art, and in plastic art in particular, including the late dean of plastic art, Jassim Zaini, and the pioneering artist Muhammad Al-Jaida, and others).

Al-Obaidan described the exhibition as “an artistic demonstration that requires the advancement and care of plastic works, and work to highlight them, as they contain the creative works of a large number of creative artists whom we are proud of.”

In addition, whether the upcoming exhibition will indicate the holding of more art exhibitions at the club, confirming its heritage and enhancing the enrichment of the Qatari art scene. He stressed that (the club will not stop at the limits of holding this exhibition, but rather will go beyond it to hold other artistic exhibitions after measuring the echo and identifying its effects, so that the next exhibition will be complementary and ethnically renewed, strengthening with its aesthetic data the cultural awareness of the importance of the arts in terms of the ability of their aesthetic worlds to integrate and express values and virtues).

Mr. Muhammad Nasser Al-Obaidan said: The club will continue to work to enhance artistic expression and enhance creativity in this regard, in addition to enhancing its other cultural aspects in order to enrich the cultural and artistic scene in the country.

Moreover, whether the plastic arts group will be embraced in the club and become its headquarters within the framework of its openness to windows and platforms concerned with culture and arts in society. Al-Obaidan said: (Since its inception, Al-Jasra Club has remained a platform for culture, and has contributed and continues to contribute to the cultural movement in the State of Qatar. Since its inception, it has been concerned with creative people in all cultural and artistic fields, placing before them all the supporting capabilities in order to enrich the cultural scene, He also maintained this approach in order to continue what he had achieved and achieved by being a free homeland for every creative person, and for the club to be an open world to the windows and platforms concerned with culture and arts in society, and this is considered part of its formation, (hence the club’s embrace of the arts community. Fine art by giving it a space in which artists present their visions that contribute to making society a more beautiful place. Pointing out that the club had previously hosted, in the same vein, the House of Calligraphers years ago.