of the “Nazra” competition, which will be held in the Korean language, and will be presented through the center’s account on the “Instagram” platform.

The Center stated that this version of the competition will be held in cooperation with the Korean Embassy in the country, and that it concerns Koreans residing in Qatar or in Korea.

Diwan Al Arab Center broadcasted a video clip of His Excellency Mr. Jun Ho Lee, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the country, in which he confirmed that the Korean Embassy in Doha is pleased to invite poets to participate in the “Nazra” competition, which is held in cooperation with the Qatar Poetry Center of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, through The Instagram platform of Qatar Hair Center. Pointing out that the competition will start tomorrow (August 1), and its entries will continue to be received until August 15, and the winner of the competition will be announced on the 25th of the same month.

The ambassador said that the winner of the first place will receive a financial prize of 5,000 Qatari riyals, and he will also be invited and hosted in the State of Qatar, during the celebration of the World Poetry Day, which is scheduled to be celebrated on March 21, 2022, in order to be honored among the international poets who won the competition. He called on all Koreans who are interested in writing poetry, whether in Qatar or Korea, to participate in the competition

Talent Development

The “Nazra” competition raises the slogan (monthly, local, Arab, international). It comes as a part of the efforts of the Arab Dewan Centre to enrich the poetry scene in the State and to promote it within its digital platforms, as well as to open up to the poetry scene in the countries of the world based on the background of the competition’s desire to reach out to the poets of the world arena. The competition has previously been directed to classical poets, in addition to poets speaking different international languages, including: Turkish, English, Hindi, French, in addition to Pakistani, and others.

All winners of the competition are to be honored in “Nazra,” competition during The World Poetry Day, which is celebrated every year by the Qatar Poetry Center, the competition has a remarkable interaction from the pioneers of the digital platforms on which  “Diwan Al Arab” center is located and where it receives various participations, This competition is added to numerous competitions and programs held by the Qatar Poetry Center, through which Diwan Al Arab seeks to support poetic talents and introduce them through its various digital platforms, in addition to developing the creative talents of young people.