The Music Affairs Center revealed the details and stages of the (Nagham 2023) competition, and the number of competitors in its various stages, as it announced that it will include four episodes, with 6 contestants participating in each episode, 2 of whom will qualify for the fifth episode, which will be shown and then voting will be opened to the public. In addition to the jury’s points, these episodes will be accompanied by an oud player. The center explained that the fifth episode, in which the 8 finalists from the four episodes will participate, will witness a competition in which they will sing with a mini-band. Then, voting opens for the final episode, which will be a concert in one of the country’s theatres. Three will win first, second and third places. The competition comes with the participation of a jury consisting of artists Ali Abdel Sattar, Ghanem Shaheen and Yassin Al-Ayari, and composers Dana Al-Fardan and Dr. Nasser Suhaim, and Maestro Giovanni Basile.