Under the supervision of the Department of Youth Affairs of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Social Cultural Committee of the Khor Sports Club organized a workshop “Guess It Right Before Choosing Your Friend,” which was presented by the instructor and professor “Jaber Al Ark Al – Marri” in the company of student Muhammad Ali Al – Hil via the almoathroon account on Instagram.


In the beginning, the coach welcomed every one who participated in the workshop, then he started talking in several hubs including topics like” how do I choose my friends? what is the importance of a good friend? Who is the good friend? And what are the characteristics and specifications of a good friend?


The coach argued with the student, Mohamed Al Hil about the importance of friendship in one`s life, they shared the causes of problems between friends, the benefits of friends in our lives, the meaning of friendship, its importance and its place in Islam, with some examples, and the lecturer reviewed the objectives of the workshop, which included several interventions from Participants about the workshop topics.


“Ghanim Abdullah Al- Muhanadi” the supervisor of he social and youth activities in the club added” The workshop aims to urge young people to choose a good friend, and at the same time direct parents to the need to get to know their children’s friends, and the contribution of the local community in its various categories to spreading social and cultural awareness of the dangers of bad company to the individual and society.