The musicians in Darb Al Saai entertain visitors with oriental compositions on the oud, violin and cello, as a number of players spread throughout Darb Al Saai in Umm Salal and play melodies for visitors who take the initiative to request specific compositions, in addition to the musical evenings that are held throughout the days of Darb Al Saai. Those who are in Darb Al Saai receive great interest from music and musical instrument enthusiasts, in terms of inquiring about instruments, instrumentals, and ways to learn to play. The musicians, who number (5) and are distributed in different areas in Darb Al Saai, add a kind of fun to the other activities, in addition to enjoying the trail visitors with melodies that reflect Arab and Gulf songs, and sometimes they compose international songs from Beethoven’s Symphonys and other international musicians.
The participation of the musicians this year stems from the keenness of the Organizing Committee for the National Day celebrations to keep pace with the World Cup atmosphere that the country is experiencing on the occasion of hosting the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in the National Day activities that have been held in Darb Al Saai since last November 25, through the diversity of heritage and cultural events, and a strong presence for the events and musical evenings that are held on a daily basis and are very popular with citizens, residents and other visitors who are fans of the World Cup.
The National Day celebrations will continue in Darb Al Saai until December 18, to keep pace with the World Cup celebrations and provide an opportunity for the largest number of World Cup fans to learn about Qatari culture and heritage.