As part of the awareness campaign provided by Qatar Music Affairs Center to stress the importance of staying at home during the quarantine period and to celebrate Ramadan and all the blessings it has, Qatar Music Affairs Center- Ministry of Culture and Sports, in cooperation with Qatar Poetry Center, released a video titled “May Allah Bless Us in the Month of Fasting” (allah yubarakiluna fi shahr alsiyam) via social media and “Doha 360” platforms.
The song, presented by a choir of singers and written by poet Miteb Al-Saaq, urges the audience to abide by the recommended preventive measures. The Center is preparing to release a new song about the blessed month of Ramadan, which will be posted on social media platforms soon. Through such videos, the Center seeks to promote awareness with a view to reduce the outbreak of Coronavirus and to activate communication by new means that keep pace with the changes imposed by the preventive measures and the necessity of staying at home. Qatar Music Affairs Center’s plan is based on working in two parallel lines, namely media awareness campaigns and purposeful interactive initiatives. This is in addition to the competitions that the Center strives to hold on an ongoing basis. In this regard, Qatar Music Affairs Center announced that the extention of the participation period in “Nagham” competition, which was scheduled to close on March 14. Up to this date, the Center continues to accept works of those wishing to participate.
For his part, Music affairs supervisor at the Center, Abdullah Al-Sayegh, expressed his happiness that the song produced and recently streamed by the Center to welcome the advent of the month of Ramadan attracted great admiration, which was evident by the number of hits. “We are preparing to launch a new lyrical video to farewell Ramadan. As part of the Council’s commitment to support the State’s efforts to raise awareness of Corona pandemic, the Center continues to provide activities that are appropriate for the current situation,” added he.
On another note, Al-Sayegh stated that the Center is still receiving requests for participation in “Nagham” competition. Announcement of finals has been postponed until the end of the crisis as it is necessary to hold an event where the five winners must get together; which is inconsistent with the current crisis,. Therefore, the Center decided to continue receiving requests until a date that has not been determined so far. This will allow for receiving the most entries from those who wish to participate. The contest remains open for participation in all music forms and genres . He pointed out that a participant can upload his / her music video of a maximum period of two minutes and enter their details. It must be noted that the competition includes the following categories: composition, singing, playing lute, piano, violin or any other instrument. Al-Sayegh noted that the Center is launching this competition for talented amateurs who practice music for fun. He indicated that music professionals are not allowed to participate. About the age group targeted by the competition, he said that all amateur competitors of any age will be accepted.