The Music Affairs Center, affiliated to the Ministry of Culture, has recalled many sports-related songs, on the occasion of Qatar National Day 2022.

The Center broadcast, through its official account on Twitter, a number of sports songs by a group of singers. It stated that sports songs have always been an enthusiastic factor for the public. On the occasion of Sports Day, the song “Al Annabi” (The Reddish-browns”) is broadcast, describing it as a song that was associated with the sentiments of the Qatari public. The Center also broadcast on its account the song “Radd al-batal” (“Champion’s response”), a sports song cherished by the Qatari public. The Center provided a link to access this lyrical work. It also broadcast the song “Siiruu wa cayn alla tarcakum” (Go, go, May Allah protect you”). The center said on its account on Twitter that it is one of the most famous sports songs by the late Faraj Abdel Karim, especially appreciated by the public. It also broadcast the song “ Ya muntakhabna lghaali” (“O our dear team”) by Abdul Rahman Al-Mas.

The Center revealed that it provided the Qatari library with a set of sports songs which generated great resonance and interaction. The Center also presented another set of the most famous sports songs, through “Medley riyadi” (Sports medley”). The Music Affairs Center also interacted with the awareness-raising videos broadcast by the Ministry of Culture on its digital platforms, under the slogan “Sports is a lifestyle”, and republished them, because of the great importance they carried in raising awareness of the importance and value of sport.

The Center also re-published several tweets related to Sports Day, through the Ministry’s cultural centers, on the occasion of National Sports Day. In this context, a large number of the visitors of the digital platforms of Music Affairs Center interacted with the sports songs presented, and expressed their joy that the Center brought them on this great sporting occasion. This indicates that the Center’s ultimate goal is to leave no stone unturned to contribute to the development of music affairs, with a view to disseminating music culture to create a generation of music artists in the country, adopting music projects that elevate the community’s taste and preserving its cultural identity, as well as leading workshops and art courses related to music affairs for the development and preservation of the heritage of the music movement in the country.