Music Affairs Center of the Ministry of Culture and Sports will throw a music concert under the slogan “Music … the Language of the Peoples” featuring artist Asil Hamim, next Friday on Center’s YouTube channel. This event comes within a series of events prepared by Center to enrich the music landscape and keep art events continuity, within precautionary measures to avoid gatherings in order to combat the spread of the Coronavirus. In this context, the artist and center manager Khaled Al-Salem, the, confirmed that the awaited event comes in the framework of the Center’s efforts to continue musical mobility during the recent period despite Corona crisis by proving many alternatives. It is also a launching point for a new trend and form in concerts to suit the current phase. Despite the fact that concerts require live mass attendance, he noted, the search for alternatives is one of the attributes of those who wish to go on and overcome all obstacles. In this context, he confirmed that the Center considers the establishment of several art projects that suit the nature of the current period, and the preparation for the post-Corona phase. The Center is conducting studies that will allow it to cope with the changing circumstances, and move stagnant water caused by Corona’s effects on artistic stage. The awaited concert, he explained, will include about 10 masterpieces by artist Asil Hamim, enduring that the program includes her newest song “Kol Shei” (Everything).
Regarding the slogan of the event, “Music … the Language of the Peoples,” Al-Salem stressed that the Center adopts the principle of addressing the feelings of the people in a fine, universal language that all people can understand, which is the language of music. Al-Salem emphasized that the global Corona pandemic united humanity after making them feel the same pains as it created the same challenges for all of them and pushed them to feel that they are all in one trench.  Perhaps technology was one of the most prominent reasons that helped in this human unity by diminishing distances between peoples, he added, which is the reason why we rely on it in our plans during the last period, in our events, competitions and activities that we have held remotely.

as the Center is also preparing a series of concerts that follow the style of live broadcast, while relying on the mass interaction on social media, noting that this method will enable us to attract a large audience for the Center that exceeds the boundaries of the place by communicating and interacting with humanity in general online and accessing remote places around the world through the language of the peoples .