During the current period, the Centre for Music Affairs of the Ministry of Culture and Sports is preparing a work of art on the occasion of the Holy Eid al-Adha, based on a proposal made by the stars of the “2021 Nagham Contest” of several Arab nationalities. They are making a new innovative lyrical work in the center’s studios on the occasion of Eid, to represent a wonderful merging of several Arab cultures in a dazzling manifestation of the beauty and diversity of the Arab musical heritage. The song will include parts from various songs which were always echoed by the Arabs in their feasts and happy occasions. The song will start with a part from the famous Qatari song “May it be a blessed Eid upon you “Asa Mubarak Alik Ya Dar” a song written and composed by the artist Khalifa Jamaan. the song will then move to the song by kawkab Al- Shark “Um- Kolthom” O  Eid`s Eve , you came, blessed us and renewed hope in our hearts”. A song written by Ahmed Murad and composed by Riad Al-Sunbati. From the original rapture to the famous Tunisian song sung on the occasion of Eid,



The song then moves to a clip from “Tonight is Eid, Tonight is Eid, Joy, Joy, and Life is New” by Saber Al-Rubai, which is the most famous song on the occasion of Eid in Tunisia. It reflects the high-end Tunisian singing and expressions of joy and happiness at the holiday events in Tunisia. And then the song concludes with a part of Melhem Barakat`s song “Your Eid, You are the Eid”, which has been associated with the feelings of the Lebanese in particular and the Arabs in general with the joy and pleasure of the presenter of the Happy Eid.