In an effort to enhance musical culture in society, the Music Affairs Center affiliated to Ministry of Culture and Sports presents pieces of music as a part of the section entitled “Pieces of music in different places” within “In the Dawn” program on Qatar TV every Thursday morning.

Pieces of music are presented by a group of musicians. They are Yassin Ayari, Omar Sharara and Mohammad Al-Marri. This participation aims at highlighting the cultural and civilizational aspect of music and to promote musical culture in society.

The Music Affairs Center presents the musical culture in a new form represented in playing in various places such as railway stations, malls and touristic attractions.

On the other hand, the center is preparing to hold an event entitled “Music, the language of peoples” at the beginning of September in order to save the opportunity for Qataris and the communities residing in the State of Qatar to participate and present their national arts and creative imprints and to open a space for artistic culture among peoples in the best and most effective ways to develop arts. These ways are exchange and mixture of experiences and knowledge. Also, participants in this festival will be the winners of “Nagham” competition for the year 2021 from Tunisia, Philippines, Somalia and India and winners of Nagham competition for the year 2020 who will sing during the festival their best songs that have a wide audience.


It is noteworthy that the “In the Dawn” programs continues to provide a distinguished morning episode as it has been closely linked to members of the community with its interesting content that includes information, entertainment and navigation of newspapers and news sites to highlight the most important news and reports in an interactive manner as well as a live broadcast of various events and activities.

Also, the morning program hosts many officials and specialists either over the phone or in the studio to cope with everything new in society.

“In the Dawn” program is keen to put the viewer at the heart of event and link him to what is going on in the community in a professional and flexible manner to satisfy his interests and need to know all events going on quickly and simply especially the audience of social networking sites.