The long-awaited music concert by singer, Aseel Hameem, will be played live tonight on the YouTube channel of the Music Affairs Center, under the slogan “Music … the Language of the People”. The concert comes after several rehearsals by the musical band and the preparation of a program including a number of songs selected to suit the taste of the Qatari audience. In this context, short interviews were held with the concert providers. The concert comes within a series of activities the Center is preparing for to enrich the music landscape and keep artistic events going, under the precautionary measures calling for avoiding gatherings to fight the spread of Coronavirus. Today’s party is scheduled to be played at 8 p.m. at
For her part, artist Aseel Hameem said that the music concert will last for 45 minutes, with a bunch of her own songs and some songs for singers from all over the Arab world. In this context, she expressed her pleasure in meeting audience again after a long period of shut-down due to the conditions of the spread of COVID 19. The long absence of concerts, she expected, would make the audience eager for the concert even if it was a live broadcast. “Although artists and the audience prefer live concerts performed within the boundaries of the theater”, she said, “The current circumstances made it necessary to search for alternatives to reach the audience who currently misses that kind of concerts, which the Music Affairs Center has managed to do by streaming this concert live to audience,”. The novelty of experience, she noted, makes her somewhat anxious, but eager to know how successful such events, played live but online, could be; something that she refused to do in the past. Everyone in the crew, she added, from music players to technicians is excited.
Artist Yassin Al-Ayari, Conductor of the music band, said the party expected to be held today was preceded by several rehearsals, during which the band trained on playing songs that will be presented in the concert by the singer, Aseel Hammem, noting that the program prepared adopts the slogan “Music … the Language of the People “. Some of Aseel’s most beautiful songs, which are dear to people in Qatar, were chosen, in addition to a large collection of singers belonging to various Arab countries. Aseel’s awaited songs, he noted, are: “Fy eayniha masra” (In her eyes, lies a pathway”, “Kol Shei” (Everything), “Moshtaqa moot” (missing you as much as ever). Since it is a Qatari evening, he added, and a significant Qatari attendance is expected, she will also sing the part “Asl Al-wafaa” (The essence of honor), as well as a song from the Iraqi folklore “Law rayed eshreti wayyak” (If you want me by your side), “Asmar ya asmarani” (Oh Mr. Dark and Handsome), “Ard El-Meknas” (The land of Meknes), “Ya qalbi la tataeab qalbak” (Oh sweetheart, don’t let it hurt your heart”, amd “Wak dellaly” from the Tunisian folklore. The band, Al-Ayari pointed out, will include the flute, lute, violin and cello music instruments, with a special concern to provide the Gulf rhythms through a number of musicians and a distinguished coral. This initiative, he emphasized, comes in the perfect place and timing under the current circumstances in which the audience needs such events to be organized. It is one of the first initiatives that can change the way of life and raise hope in the hearts of the public, as he described it. In conclusion, he said, through this event, Doha, as usual, celebrates hope, despite all difficulties.