On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, which falls on March 8th each year, the Music Affairs Center of the Ministry of Culture broadcast yesterday a song entitled “My Mother in All World Languages” on its official Twitter account, as a present to all women all over of the world. The song was selected from the last Qatari Song Festival and sang beautifully by the young singer Hammoud al-Khader. It is worth mentioning that the Music Affairs Center has increased its participation recently in a number of events, after its distinguished participation in the Doha International Book Fair. It also participated in the project of “Beit Al-Sulaiti Music Salon” through a group of talented musicians. The “Beit Al-Sulaiti Music Salon” is a new activity adopted by the Center for music lovers. It involves a collection of monthly panel discussions on musical affairs; with the participation of a group of music professionals, as well as the participation of talented individuals in singing, playing music, etc.