The Music Affairs Center of the Ministry of Culture held a musical discussion evening where the Qatari musician Ali Al-Khalousi spoke about his experience in processing pieces and parts of the symphonies of German musicians Johann Sebastian Bach and Ludwig van Beethoven with the Oud, and he presented a solo performance on the Oud for some of these pieces. The evening was held at the House of Wisdom at the Ministry of Culture, and was moderated by the poet Abdul Hamid Al-Youssef, who started it by pointing out that it combines the originality of the eastern spirit in music, and the aesthetics of classical western art. A documentary video of Ali Al-Khalousi’s experience playing the Oud instrument was presented to Sebastian Bach’s pieces, accompanied by the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra.

In the evening, Al-Khalousi reviewed the aspects of his experience with the Oud, and his participation in the activities of the Ministry of Culture, which is organized in Darb Al Saai, within the framework of the celebration of the National Day of the State of Qatar 2022, and the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the musician Beethoven, as well as the third Katara Oud Festival, and other participations where he mixed western music with oriental treatment.