The Music Affairs Center at the Ministry of Culture announced the members of the two-jury committees for the (Nagham 2023) competition for its Arab and foreign categories, which comes in its third edition this year under the slogan (Success).

The center had opened registration for singing talents in Qatar in mid-August, and continued for nearly a month.

The competition consists of its Arabic and foreign versions. The artist Ali Abdel Sattar, the artist Ghanem Shaheen, and Yassin Al-Ayari, a professor and flute player, participate in the Arab judging committee. Participating in the jury for the foreign category are the composer and composer Dana Al-Fardan, and the artist and composer Dr. Nasser Suhaim, and Maestro Giovanni Basile.

The Music Affairs Center also announced that the judges had finished sorting the video clips of the participating talents yesterday, and 48 contestants were chosen, 24 for the Arab category and the same for the foreign category. Those in charge of the competition indicated that the Music Affairs Center had received more than five hundred videos for each. category of the competition, and that the foreign category was very rich and diverse in different and varied languages from Africa, East Asia, and Europe, including English, Hindi, Filipino, French, and Italian, in addition to Turkish. Their participation was appreciated and added to the judges’ musical diversity of knowledge.