Azizia Youth Center organized the “Montage Basics” workshop on IMovie, within the summer activity of the Center. The workshop was organized online, in line with the precautionary measures applied by the state authorities to limit the spread of the Coronavirus.
Mohamed Raj, the workshop’s presenter, has introduced montage using the iMovie software participants to enhance their skills in this area and to help them be able to carry out the production of any material they have, a skill many young people are seeking to gain. This skill will help them to easily control, edit, cut and montage videos. This software can be used on smartphones, and young people can benefit from these videos later, either by posting them on their personal accounts on social media or by keeping them to themselves.
During the workshop, young people were taught the steps of the montage process practically through a video. Young people were also introduced to the cutting and editing of the film material, so that they could make changes to any video they had, whether it was their own footage or a video obtained from the Internet.
This type of workshop is very popular among young people because it helps them gain a demanded skill, as many young people have video photography as their hobby, and the wide spread of social media added to their passion and this is why they need to learn how to edit and adjust videos.