Moeed Al-Qahtani, the Director of the Corporate Communications Department at the Qatari Center for Heritage and Cultural Events, revealed that the total number of visitors to Darb Al Saai during its 24-day period exceeded 600,000 citizens, residents and guests of Qatar who are fans of the 2022 World Cup.

Al-Qahtani explained that the average daily visit exceeded 25,000 visitors, pointing to the high demand for cultural and heritage events, in which the Organizing Committee for the National Day celebrations was keen to highlight the history of the country and the identity of its people through it to provide an opportunity to spread culture and introduce it due to the presence of various peoples of the world here in Qatar.

The Director of the Corporate Communications Department added by saying that Darb Al Saai in its new headquarters and its distinguished activities won the admiration and approval of all visitors, explaining that the development will not stop there, and the Organizing Committee will always strive to “develop events and provide the best on the occasion of the National Day that is dear to all of our hearts”, referring to the development of some events and the addition of others in the celebrations of the coming year.

He mentioned that Darb Al Saai in its permanent headquarters in Umm Salal was distinguished by its spaciousness and distinguished services, which included transportation services and ease of access to it, and provided chapels, toilets, and shops for hot food and beverages, as well as the services of volunteers who provide all the information that visitors need, such as finding out about places of events or services, and others.

Al-Qahtani pointed out that the committee succeeded in enhancing the experience of the country’s guests on the occasion of the World Cup in Darb Al Saai, through a rich package of events and activities that most of them see for the first time, including poetry and music evenings and theatrical performances, in addition to a number of literary, intellectual and artistic seminars, as well as exhibitions and competitions, and two museums, and a number of folk crafts and games, and workshops that won the admiration of visitors to the trail and witnessed a great intensity throughout the days of the activities that started on November 25 and continued until December 18, the National Day of the State.

He pointed out that all the events were distinguished and attracted audiences, especially the theater, which is an important corner of the cultural events in Darb Al Saai, where literary, intellectual and cultural seminars took place, and theatrical performances, poetry evenings and concerts were also organized.

Al-Qahtani continued saying that: The theater is of a particular importance in terms of the important cultural content it presented and in terms of the distinctive architectural style.

It is noteworthy that the permanent headquarters of Darb Al Saai in Umm Salal Mohammed area is built on an area of ​​150,000 square meters, and is characterized by a high level of equipment, services and public facilities that provide comfort and safety factors for visitors and participating parties, and enhance their experience during the events, and this is evident through the distribution of the agencies’ pavilions which are participating in Darb Al Saai and its headquarters, as well as the design that highlights the authentic Qatari architectural heritage with a modern, creative character.

The headquarters is also easily accessible from three main roads, in addition to Doha Metro through the Green Line “Old Al Rayyan Station”, which enhances the flow of traffic, in addition to the presence of a parking lot that accommodates approximately 3,500 cars, and it is connected to seven main gates, and five service gates for entry, and exit out in complete comfort, as there are main screens to broadcast a number of events in front of the Darb Al Saai audience. There is also a chapel for men and another for women, and a number of service facilities. The Organizing Committee for the National Day celebrations seeks to enhance the experience of visitors and guests of the State of Qatar in Darb Al Saai, with a rich package of events and activities that highlight the Qatari culture and authentic heritage.