Volunteers at Ramadan Book Fair make great efforts in organizing and receiving visitors, as Qatar Voluntary Center participates in the activities of this edition with the aim of overcoming all obstacles for the public, making their visit to the fair easier, and providing maximum comfort and safety for families. In this context, Moeed bin Gibran Al-Qahtani, Executive Director of the Qatar Voluntary Center, says that: Approximately 70 volunteers will participate in this edition, and they will be assigned various tasks in organizing and receiving, in addition to supervising and guiding visitors. Where the volunteer work team provides special bracelets for children to help parents follow their children, step by step during their wandering in the corridors of the exhibition, and the information team guides parents and their children to the various publishing houses, as well as the activities that are presented daily on the main stage, and the volunteers also help organize entry and the exit of children from the playground, as well as the provision of the necessary protection during their practice of games and various activities located throughout the place.