The Ministry of Culture has posted a video clip on its digital platforms of a leading figure in Qatar’s fine arts movement, Hassan Al-Mulla, as part of its efforts to document the contributions of creative artists in various cultural and artistic fields.
Fine artist Hassan Al-Mulla is one of the pioneers of the fine arts movement in Qatar. Born in 1951, he received a bachelor’s degree in fine arts at the Baghdad Academy in 1976, he worked as a teacher in art education at the Ministry of Education, and he is one of the founders of the culture and arts department at the Ministry of Culture.
Hassan Al-Mulla is one of the founding members of the Qatar Society of Fine Arts and has headed it for 16 years, he said. The video was released after he joined the Friends of Art Group in the Arab Gulf States. He is also an artist residing in the fire department: The residence of the artists, which belongs to the museums of Qatar.
For his historical role in enriching the fine arts movement, artist Hassan Al-Mulla headed several arbitration committees at various levels, local, Gulf, Arab, and international. This reflects his prominent role in his interest in fine art and promoting his movement. He also co-authored a book entitled “Fine Art in the State of Qatar… Sixty Years of Creativity”, in cooperation with the Foundation of the Cultural District (Katara).

The video also mentioned that artist Hassan Al-Mulla held eight personal exhibitions, the first of which was in Doha in 1988, while the last one was in New Delhi. He taught the subject “Foundations of Painting” at Qatar University for seven years, and that his work tends to be abstract, in addition to incorporating Arabic letters and geometric forms.
Artist Hasan Al-Mulla is interested in the beauty of local culture, which he embodied in his visual works, since he began his interest in fine art in the early childhood he lived among ancient houses, fishing boats and the natural environment in all its details. His memories encapsulated the heroes of the scenes he stored in his torso, and he etched all these memories in his paintings.
His works usually feature predominantly black and white, while in others his work appears to employ many different materials and art objects with stark colors.
Hassan Al-Mulla was one of the pioneers who played an important role in establishing the Qatari fine movement and in creating a prominent position for Qatari art that transcended the country’s borders. He was based on his artistic experiences, which reflect his distinguished artistic level, with international standards, his constant commitment to developing his artistic experiences and his strong desire to be present in the Arab and international artistic arena.