The Department of Publications and Translation at the Ministry of Culture issued a new book entitled (The Archaeological School in Qatar (1916-1938), a turning point in the history of Qatar and the Gulf), prepared by Salma Salah al-Qibti.
The introduction to the book highlighted science and its importance in arming and supporting people and the renaissance of nations, as it is an endless ladder of height, progress and civilization.
The book deals in 125 pages and eight chapters with the ancient history of science and religion and taking them as a weapon, and the story of the archaeological school that was established in Qatar in 1916AD and continued until 1938AD. It sheds light on the importance of science in that era, and the reasons for the establishment of this school, which established a lot for Qatar and the Gulf and opened the doors to the race of knowledge that raised us among nations. The students of the Arabian Gulf, who, when they returned home, spread their white flowers in it.
In the same book, he presents a historical study of the archaeological school in Qatar, the complex social, political and economic events that surrounded it, and the internal and external factors that helped its existence. This study also aims to indirectly shed light on the reasons for its success and prosperity.