The Ministry of Culture participates in the activities organized by Qatar Foundation as part of its celebrations of the 2021 National Day, in cooperation with the Celebrations Organizing Committee and the Sports and Social Activities Support Fund “DAAM,” which include artistic, traditional and educational activities for the public, as well as theatrical shows that serve to enhance loyalty to the homeland. The Ministry’s participation in the activities of the D’reesha Performing Arts Festival started yesterday at Qatar Foundation and included many activities for young talented artists in Qatar, and these events will continue until next Friday.

The theater event, which is held at the Qatar Foundation Theater, features the performance of the play “Friend of Trees,” which tells the story of the oak tree and the willow tree. In the story, the father accompanies his son to the forest where they stand before the two trees to talk about their usefulness. The father explains to his son that value and wisdom are the essence and raison d’être of life, which also applies to the life of the willow tree that epitomizes hope and life, compared to the oak tree, which has only few benefits due to its old age.  In addition, several other stories are used to deliver useful messages to all human beings.

Other activities of note include “’Arḍat hal Qatar,” which represents traditional and keen values about the preservation of the important Qatari cultural heritage that Qataris proudly achieve today, in addition to “’Ad al Qaṣīd” competition during which a number of school children participated. There was also the activity of “Ancestral Meadows: A Matter of Trust,” a new event about the environment, which was presented in collaboration with the “Friends of the Environment” Center. This competitive event resulted in the qualification of six schools for the final round, three boys’ schools and three girls’. The closing event of the “Ancestral Meadows: A Matter of Trust” will be held on December 16 at the stage of the National Day Celebrations Organizing Committee at Qatar Foundation, and the final round of “’Ad al Qaṣīd” will be held on the same stage on December 17.