The Ministry of Culture announced the requirement to obtain a civil defense license and security systems license to hold artistic cultural events, in order to ensure the safety and security of the participants in the events.

The Ministry of Culture stated that the competent authorities stipulated the provision of certificates that qualify venues to hold events in order to maintain security and safety. Accordingly, basic requirements have been added to obtain artistic licenses that are held in all places such as hotels, halls, malls, etc., to ensure the provision of security and safety.

The Ministry stated also that obtaining the necessary license for holding events, which is done through the Ministry’s electronic services portal, requires mandatory security licenses to complete the process of entering event data to obtain the required licenses, in addition to the license from tourism for hotels, restaurants, malls, and the like.

The Ministry confirmed that the aim of the mandatory measure is to preserve the safety of everyone and to ensure the holding of safe activities.

It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Culture has issued, from January to June, nearly 3,000 licenses to hold cultural, artistic and social events.